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Welcome to the e-platform of arts-abled project!

What can you do here?

This platform was created in response to a problem in the classroom: the lack and dispersion of activities to work in the classroom with students with different types of disabilities.

In this way, the partnership of this project has worked on the development of 16 practices that help teachers to work with students with disabilities through art, and another 16 focused on working on key competences focused on the employability of school education students.

You will be able to interact and see all these practices, download them and watch different videos that will go deeper into these activities. Moreover... you will be able to upload your own practices so that everyone can benefit from them! (by creating first your own account).


In brief:

De vuelta a la escuela

Discover practices on VET and arts to work with disabled school students


Watch all the videos to have a deeper knowledge of practices

Muebles para el aula

Upload your own practices or take a look to the practices uploaded from other teachers

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